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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Care For Custom Rhinestoned Clothing?

Do not machine wash custom rhinestoned clothing items. Hand washing when necessary is recommended, to decrease the amount of agitation to which rhinestones are exposed. Turn your item inside out before washing and use a mild detergant. This is crucial to ensuring that they remain in good condition. Use a clean, dry and antistatic cloth to remove light dust layers. Never use a hard brush or anything abrasive to clean rhinestones. This can remove top AB coating thats provide the beautiful rainbow effect.

What Is The Best Way To Store And Care For My Jewelry?

Keep jewelry away from water, perfumes and lotion to maintain metal and rhinestone quality. These can cause unreasonable stress, wear and tear to your items.To ensure the lasting beauty of your jewelry and Swarovski, do not use sonic cleaners, boiling water or commercial jewelry cleaners. Jewelry cleaners usually contain ammonia or alcohol which can have a damaging effect on the plating. 

We recommend that you occasionally polish each piece with a soft lint-free cloth. If your jewelry is very dirty, wash your jewelry using warm water, a mild dish detergent and a soft bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water prior to drying with a soft lint-free cloth.

Let your pieces breathe in a cool, shaded environment. Avoid leaving your piece in the sun or a hot area. Soft jewelry bags or boxes are recommended for storing your item.

What Is The Best Way To Care For Wearable Art Sunglasses?

As a general rule, if they are not on your face, put them in a case! Some of the embellishments will be more prone to falling off if not handled with care. Always use a micro fiber cleaning cloth intended to clean lenses. Avoid storing your unique items in direct sunlight.